It is remarkably difficult to pin down a website dedicated to the meandering path of the Holy Spirit, still, one expectation from this path is that the site will always contain bits and pieces of my capacity for reflection on things spiritual, cultural, religious, and even…gasp…political, as prompted by scripture, church life, cultural interaction, or cantankerous obstinance.

This blog is an aggregate exploration of my more or less open interaction with the sacred world around me.Over the course of 30 years in parish ministry, my faith and my sense of God’s presence, has deepened and transformed in what one might call the direction of Progressive Christianity. I am as drawn to the ancient paths of a contemplative Celtic spirituality as I am to a more contemporary theological perspective such as Process thought monastic-spiritssor the generative practice of interfaith community building. I believe that the Church should be about the business of celebrating the sacred nature of all things, and infusing the world with that perspective.

I find myself, more often than not, joyfully heretical in my theological wanderings, but then, I would describe my approach to living as unapologetically spiritual, and occasionally Christian.

If it brings you joy, sparks your curiosity, prompts your thought, or provokes your own spirit in some way, then it is all to the good.

Tom Gough